What's JFO ?

Japan Freeride Open, JFO, is the competition started up by riders who love freeriding.

Here in Japan, we have some of the best snow and mountains in the world yet the idea of Freeride is not well-known.
Our dream is to let everyone know the attraction of freeride and boost the Japanese snow scene.
JFO follows the standard freeride competition style. In addition, we will set up a judging system which allows spectators to join the event as well.

Along with rankings judged by the standard rule, we will decide The Best Of Freeriders by voting.

The audience will be watching riders shredding on the screen and voting for the sickest rider.
We would love to see lots of participants at the event as well as a large audience.


Junior: February 10th, Saturday at under Warabi-daira in Hakuba Cortina Ski resort

Adult: February 11th, Sundayat upper Warabi-daira in Hakuba Cortina Ski resort

Weather day: February 12th, Monday(Holiday) *note that this event is heavily dependent on weather that schedule may be postponed.

Judging event

Events will be held through February 10-12, including the weather day, at Hakuba Cortina ski resort. At the night of the final, we are having judging event! Lets watch skiers/snowboarders riding in the final and vote for the BEST rider! The Best Of Freeriders will be decided by your votes!

February 11th Sunday or 12th, Monday(Holiday) from 8PM *will be held the day of the final.



Jundai Nakashio

Born in Osaka in 1970.

Jundai started skiing at the age of 28 and immigrated to Canada.

He competes in big mountain and constantly finishes competitions within the top 10. He also does filming with his telemark skis mainly in North America and Northern Europe.

2012 Toughly Production [Every little bit Cyunts]

Shikaichi Ueki

Born in Chiba in 1985
Shikaichi is a freeride skier who is based in Whistler, Canada.
He mainly competes in big mountain and does shootings in the backcountry. He used to ski a lot in Hakuba back in the days when he was in Japan.

-2012 Canadian Open 6th/ Sick bird award
-Participated in Heart films Vol.6,7, The Doors and etc.

Riki Nakajima

Born in Shiga in 1981
Riki has performed in a variety of ski films in Japan.
He is such a multi-talented guy that he produced cat skiing events, managed projects and even is an MC. Moreover, he is the first certified CFSA, Canada Freestyle Ski Association, Japanese instructor.

Takuma Oike

Born in Hokkaido in 1984
Takuma started skiing as he started to walk. He had competed in freestyle mogul skiing since junior high school and won a competition in 2007. However, he was fascinated by the mountains in Hakuba when he visited there for universitys team training. Since then, he moved to Hakuba and has given an outstanding performance as a big mountain freestyle skier.
Currently, he brushes up his skiing performance as a member of MIGHTY JAMMING in Hakuba as well as overseas.

Hiyuma Kaga

Born in Hokkaido in 1990
He produces and manages events as he continuously training his riding style. He has been organising events at the water ramp, S-Air, in Japan. At the same time, he makes the best use of his English skills and contributes to interviews of X-Games as well as to hosting IF3 Japan.
He majors in sports medicine and is researching injuries and risks of water ramp.

Kazushige Fujita

Born in Kyoto in 1988
After Kazushige competed in slope style, he changed his field to back country and does shootings not only in Japan but also in Alaska and Canada using sleds.
He organises snowboarding sessions and VINTEL SNOW CAMP for kids. His vision is to make everyone smile by riding his snowboard.

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