Valle Nevado, Chile and Hakuba Goryu/47

<Favourite trick>
Underflip 540 with a Japan grab

I used to be a slopestyle / big-air competitor for Taiwan in the world cup, but it was a tough time forme since I picked up snowboarding late, by the time I became an athlete I was already 27.
But after moving to Japan to start a new career, I re-discovered my love for freeriding.
The mountain range of Kita-ALPS feels so much like the Andes mountain range in Chile, but with so much more snow!
After competing in this year FWQ , I had so much fun that I realized freeriding is what I want to spend my time and energy doing.
Most importantly, I want to do good! I want to show the world that someone from a country without snow, can also shred hard!
Thanks for all the love and good vibes, Japan!

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