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■Location・・・ Hakuba cortina ski resort
■Schedule・・・ 8th.FEB.2020 Junior competition & freeriding lesson


<Junior event>
■Contents・・・A freeriding lesson with pro riders will be held in the morning. A Competition will be held in the after noon.(Schedule can be changed due to weather condition )
■Categories・・ ・ ① U18:18~12years old (Athletes who born between April /2nd/2002 and April/1st/2008)
② U12 : 12~8years old(Athletes who were born between April/2nd/2008 and April/1st/2011)
※Over 15 years old Junior category riders who was born on and after April/1st/2005 are able to resister to Adult category too.)
■Number of participants ・・・ Approximately 45 Athletes
■ Equipment・・・Athletes must wear a helmet , beacon, prove and Shovel
■Entry fee ・・・9,000 yen (included half day lesson but not lift tickets )
Waiver ・・・Please download and sign the “Terms and conditions” form. You must sent it to us customerjfo@gmail.com after your entry.


Athletes must wear a helmet, beacon, prove and shovel.


must choose it fit you.


Sometimes get terrible accidents in the Nature. Always wear it to help yourself.


Digging out your friend buried by an avalanche.


Must wear it.


Beacon gets you close to buried victims, and probes help you find them. Probes snap together like tent poles.


You must get it fit for you and also carry a beacon, shovel and probe and know how to use them.

Rental Avalanche Gear

The number is limited.

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